Camilo Terevinto
Camilo Terevinto
Cloud Architect @ IES

Hey, nice to meet you!

I've been intrigued by technology for as long as I remember. I started immersing into the world of programming since I was 16 through an awesome online tutorial. With my curiosity still not satisfied, I took the following 2 years to study a range of IT topics on my spare time, including networking, security, databases, and Windows Server administration.

PD: The quote at the beginning of this page was borrowed from one of my favourite bands: Scar Symmetry.


Here's some of what I've worked on over the years at the different companies I've worked for. This is, of course, not exhaustive, and I have also used other technologies on personal projects, so if you have any questions feel free to drop me an email.

Dublin, Ireland
Cloud Architect - IES
  • Research, create, and validate architectural solutions for varied problems, from IoT to HPC. Introduce documentation for architecture diagrams and their components.
  • Design, document and implement a new architecture and migration plan for moving away from a Python Flask monolith application into ASP.NET Core microservices.
  • Improve existing solutions by redesigning their deployment models for improved availability, reliability, scalability and security by using Azure native solutions.
  • Improve development processes by introducing CI/CD patterns and pipelines using Azure DevOps.
  • Introduce Infrastructure as Code (IaC) pipelines using Azure Bicep to reduce manual efforts and human error in deploying the infrastructure for several solutions across the company.
Dublin, Ireland
Senior Software Engineer - Verizon Connect
  • Developed highly scalable solutions using containerized ASP.NET Core microservices.
  • Designed and implemented several architectures using NServiceBus and AWS Lambdas, backed by SQS queues/SNS topics and SQL/NoSQL databases.
  • Developed multiple UI application features using Angular and NgRx, with testing at the unit, integration and end-to-end layers.
  • Established multiple patterns within the clan and the wider tribe, such as for logging, middleware and Lambdas.
  • Facilitated Agile retrospectives and provided several technical talks to the team, to demonstrate advanced C# features as well as automation and innovation introduced to the product.
  • Participated in an agile CFT clan of 16 engineers along with Product and UX, applying Lean and Kanban.
Montevideo, Uruguay
Technical Project Manager - Practia Global
  • Participated in the development of over 15 solutions using C#, ASP.NET Core, .NET, and Angular 4+, both in Scrum teams with Test-Driven Development and traditional teams.
  • Company leader for technical implementations using Azure services and different design patterns, including the use of Azure SQL and Azure Table Storage.
  • Coached and trained junior developers in multiple Microsoft technologies.
  • Architected the first public mobile application in the company and executed the project by managing 7 engineers using Xamarin, ASP.NET Core, Identity Server, RabbitMQ and Angular 7.
Montevideo, Uruguay
.NET Developer - Tata Consultancy Services
  • Led multiple teams in different environments, gaining their trust through a technical standpoint.
  • Proactively developed over 50 tools using C# and .NET to reduce time to solve tickets, one of them earning our team an award for reducing the time to solve a ticket from 2-hours to a couple of minutes.
  • Participated in multiple teams to develop over 15 desktop and web applications using .NET technologies and provided training for 4 new hires in C# and .NET technologies.


I recently completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Technology Management at The Open University (2022-2023). I achieved this by completing these modules: