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"Known a drop, unknown an ocean"


Camilo Terevinto

Solutions Architect @ IES 


Dublin, Ireland


Hello! I'm Camilo

Intrigued by technology for as long as I remember, I started immersing into the world of programming since I was 16 through an awesome online tutorial. With my curiosity still not satisfied, I took the following 2 years to study a range of IT topics on my spare time, including networking, security, databases and Windows Server administration.

My curiosity, along with my natural desire for learning, has allowed me to keep learning a wide variety of technology topics, from doing the Foundation certification on IT Service Management based on ITIL/ISO 20000 (2016), to Microsoft's C# certification (2018), to most recently obtaining the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (2021) certification.

Professionally, I'm currently passionate about designing and building scalable, performant and reliable architectures on public clouds. My personal time is split between a Postgraduate Certificate I am studying at The Open University and my hobbies like gaming, reading, and helping out the .NET community at StackOverflow.

If you want to learn more about me, you can:

PD: The quote at the beginning of this page was borrowed from one of my favourite bands: Scar Symmetry


I'm currently studying at The Open University a Postgraduate Certificate in Technology Management (2021-2022). The modules I selected for this certificate are:

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