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In this page you can find the different articles I've written over time. I write about Azure, ASP.NET Core and other technologies.
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Azure B2C custom policy with Azure Active Directory support

Implementing an IEF policy that supports local and AAD accounts with proper code documentation

Governance As Code with Azure Bicep

A look at achieving Governance As Code with Azure Bicep templates.

Practical Clean Architecture solution template

A .NET solution template for a Clean Architecture solution that has uses pragmatic ideas and no third-party libraries to keep things simple.

Microservices with Azure Container Apps and Bicep templates

A look into how to deploy microservices to Azure Container Apps using Azure DevOps Pipelines for CI/CD and Azure Bicep templates.

Generating static sites from ASP.NET Core MVC apps

Transform ASP.NET Core MVC websites into static sites/websites (like this one!).

OAuth PKCE flow from Python desktop

Learn how to use a Python web server to support OAuth PKCE (Authorization Code) flow from Python desktop apps or Jupyter notebooks.

Offloading And Scheduling Jobs With Hangfire Microservices

In this post, I discuss how to develop Hangfire-enabled microservices to offload and schedule jobs using ASP.NET Core Dependency Injection.

OAuth PKCE flow for ASP.NET Core with Swagger

Allow your developers to log-in using OAuth PKCE (Authorization Code) flow in ASP.NET Core with Swagger/OpenAPI.

A story of a 22+ hours interview process

A short story of an interview process I did that took me over 22 hours to complete, and what I learnt from it.

ASP.NET Core integration tests with NUnit and Moq

Learn how to write ASP.NET Core integration tests using the WebApplicationFactory, by using the NUnit framework and Moq for mocks.

Simplifying observability in .NET distributed systems

In this post, I discuss a custom approach for making it simpler to track down nasty bugs in ASP.NET Core and .NET microservices.

Simple and secure custom API Keys using ASP.NET Core

Secure API Keys generation and validation in ASP.NET Core, with support for Swagger/OpenAPI

Real-time charts with Plotly and Azure SignalR Serverless

In this post, we'll see how to create a basic solution for plotting graphs in real-time with Azure SignalR and Plotly.js.